This is type of malaria is worldwide in tropical areas. It is predonminatly in red blood cells and people who had been infected with this parasite could relapse as long as 40 years after the initial infection.

Life CycleEdit

The life cycle involves two hosts

Mosquito Vector

1.Sporogonic Cycle

- take in blood meal from and infected individule and injests gametocytes

-zygote is formed

-ookinete formed

-Oocyst formed

-Oocyst ruptures and sporozoites are released

-Sporozoites are injected into the next host during second blood meal

Human Host

2.Exo-erythrocytic Cycle (14-15 Days)

-sporozoites enter liver

-Schizont forms

- Schizont ruptures and enters blood

3. Erythrocytic Cycle (72 hours)

- Immature trophozoite at ring stage

- mature trophozoite

-schizont forms

-schizont ruptures 

-more trophozoites infect RBC


-Immature trphozoite at ring stage

-forms male and female Gametocytes

-Mosquito takes blood meal


The erythrocytic cycle is 72 hours long (Quartan)

There are 6-12 Merozoites/schizonts in the RBC 

Trophs often form a ring and are about 1/3 the diameter of the RBC

The trophozoites other compact in a bank like form

Gametocyctes are round or ovoid

The RBC is not enlarged due to the parasite but they do have a faint stippling called "Ziemann's dots"