Taenia solium

This Cestoidea's common host is the pig. People are able to become contaminated by this type of tapeworm when they eat raw pig or undercooked pig. In order to be diagnosed you would have to get an MRI since it can infect the brain. It looks much like the Taenia saginata except that it has a spine and the Taenia saginata does not.

Life CycleEdit

Embryonated eggs or proglottids are ingested by the pig. The oncoshere hatches and penetrates the intestine wall. It goes into circulation. It then cysticerus into the muscle where then a human can eat undercooked meat. The scolex attaches to the intestine of the human. The adult resides in the small intestine where proglottids are shead. The cysticercus can move into the circulation of a human and move to hte lings, brain, eyes, and connective tissue. 


The tapeworm eggs are eaten by cows, sheep, or other herbivores. There the larvae will reproduce asexually within the host. It will infect the brain causing odd behavior. If it get into a human there is no cure and will cause terrible disease and then death. The adult tapeworm is found in dogs and other canids.